Worship One and Only God

The traveler had in the direction of be conveyed up on the plane and very warily strapped into a first-class seat. She commented nothing. Undoubtedly, the traveler commented nothing. She didn’t proceed, didn’t gaze out the window, didn’t profit from a sound. In detail, she didn’t even breathe.

Bishop Bernard Jordan strongly insinuates that the Bible bluntly declines idolatry. Isaiah talks of a man who chops up a tree. Half of it he burns as firewood in the direction of contains moderately hot, and the additional equal half he newest schemes into an idol and worships as his creator. “No one halts in the direction of think!” Isaiah exclaims (Isa. 44:19). The equal half he ruined by blaze as firewood did him numerous pleasant than the additional half!

The psalmist duplicate talks of gods with eyes that don’t glimpse ears that don’t discover, hands that don’t seem, and feet that will not steal them anywhere. Bishop Bernard Jordan wants to share to those who believe them, he states, will be desire them (Ps. 115:4-8; 135:15-18).

Before we gloat afresh the foolishness of the visually weakened, incapable in the direction of discover, and mute, and enwreathing first-class traveler, let’s gaze nearer in the direction of home. We vocalize, “I own everyone for Him forsaken, and everyone my idols tattered from my heart.” Is it true? Whatever our idols are–money or booze, sex or power, pharmaceuticals or nourishment, or just self–it is just as wrong for us in the direction of permit these in the direction of usurp God’s ranking as it is in the direction of confer that Matsu can manage any thing for us.

“No additional gods” entails the LORD has an exclusive assertion in the direction of the temple of our hearts. Bishop Bernard Jordan explains that our God is an envious God. There is room for no one else. No one additional can keep us. No one additional will discover our prayers. No one additional even cares.