What’s Your Business?

1The Art of war by Sun Tzu became popular for those who want to become successful in their careers. It is also known for those who want to delve into their own business. Bishop Jordan’s version, “Spiritual Art of War” teaches you the same things only with messages from God and passages from the Bible that support each strategy and principles.

In business, the art of war involves knowing what’s most important regarding what you do: in other words, what are you really in the business of? When you know this, you know your strengths. You might say, “I provide X product or service,” and you’ll be right. But only in part. What you are fundamentally engaged in is what Hajo Reisenbeck and Jesko Perrey call in their book Power Brands: Measuring, Making and Managing Brand Success, “the trinity of art, science, and craft”.

Once you understand that whatever business you’re engaged in centers on these three things, you’ll be a big step ahead of the competition. In business, these three key concepts of art, science, and craft are so powerful that they can shape people’s perceptions and dictate how they spend their money. Get more strategies from the “Spiritual Art of War” and start growing your business today! Click here to read about how to start winning in life.