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Debra Jordan

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Prophetess Debra Jordan

Prophetess, poet, intercessor, teacher, mother of five, and wife to New York Times best-selling author and spiritual leader, Bishop E. Bernard Jordan is surely one
of the universe’ best kept secrets. The secret is now being revealed! Prophesying since she was 12 years of age, Pastor Jordan has carried the word of the Lord
with startling accuracy throughout the United States and internationally to both high profile leaders and laypersons. While her ministry reaches people from
nearly every strata of life, her primary focus is centered on empowering women to become all that God has intended for them to be.

Pastor Prophetess Debra Jordan has written the following books: The Power of the Push: Women’s Mystical Secret of Moving Past Adversity, Prophetic Reflections
and The Power to Apprehend.

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