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Gloria Jean Kelley

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Prophetess Gloria Jean Kelley

Prophetess Gloria Jean Kelley is a Prophetess in the Prophetic Order of Mar Elijah under the tutelage of Master Prophet E. Bernard Jordan. She has been in the Order since 1998 serving as a Temple Guard and now as a Class Master in POME. She is also a Minister at Zoe Ministries where she is the Sunday School Superintendent. Prophetess Kelley heads the POME Seekers level of POME guiding Seekers to the fulfillment of their prophetic journey into POME. In addition, she is an administrator of the Prophetic Inner Circle connecting partners with their Prophetic Inner Circle Coaches. Affectionately labeled “The Sniper”, the prophetic word given by Prophetess Kelley has helped change many lives throughout the years.

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Chapeter 21: What Sun Tzu