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Nichelle Berrian

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Prophetess Nichelle Berrian

Prophetess Nichelle Berrian has been a member of Zoë Ministries for 18 years under the auspicious leadership of the Master Prophet Bishop E. Bernard Jordan and Pastor Prophetess Debra Jordan. She currently serves in the position as Executive Assistant to Pastor Debra Jordan for eleven years.

She has been a member of POME (the Prophetic Order of Mar Elijah) under the Master Prophet since1999. She has served with the Company of Prophets in the telephone ministry, virtual presbytery rooms, pastoral care and a number of outreach areas. She ministers and takes great pleasure in ministering into the lives of others. Prophetess Berrian is a firm believer “If you don’t fail God, you won’t fail God’s people”. Prophetess Nichelle Berrian is the wife of Bishop Charlie Berrian, Pastor of Zoe Ministries under the Master Prophet and Pastor Prophetess Debra Jordan.

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