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Verliz Lattimore

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Prophetess Verleiz Lattimore

The prophetic is a unique gift and it comes in unique vessels, styles and forms. Prophetess Verleiz Lattimore definitely has a unique way of sharing the prophetic gifting God has placed within her. As one of the prophets that you will hear both on the conference calls and when you receive your one on one personal call when sowing your seed, Prophetess Lattimore strives to show forth the love of God for his people, pouring out laughter and the word of the Lord as medicine. “I love the Prophetic and the Master Prophet has taught me how to live again through it, as he does with everyone his gift blesses,” Prophetess Lattimore shares. In addition, if you know there is a prophet in you, you will find Prophetess Verleiz on the Pome Seekers calls every Sunday from 2pm to 3pm EST ready to welcome you Home.

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