Victory in God’s Hands

Achieving victory is something that god wants to be part of in your life. He wants for you to attain it, but only if you fully put your trust in Him that He will deliver you that victory. As faulty humans, we tend to take matters into our own hands and be victorious on our own.

Throughout Scripture, the only time God’s people are burdened by victory is when they fail in their obligations to God. Whenever Israel “played the harlot” with the gods of the conquered peoples (by adopting the tactics and strategy of their defeated enemies, never a good idea), God delivers them into the hands of their enemies. I’ve always viewed this as God allowing things to run their natural course: when His people don’t honor Him, He allows them to go their own way and reap the consequences. He only actively stirs things up for them when they came back to Him.

Allow God to help you become victorious and let Him teach you through scripture on the strategies of winning your battles. Read the Spiritual Art of war and learn how you can be victorious through God’s hands.