Uncover the Curse through the Art of War

Have you often wondered why it is so difficult to make a breakthrough in your life? Do you always feel like you are always engaged in the art of war? It has always been defined by struggles and failures in almost areas of life; like relationships, finances, career and many others. This is not how God meant life should be, because, in His Word, He promised, “The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I came that they may have life, and have it abundantly.” John 10:10
It is God’s plan to give His children a life of abundance. How then is it possible that some are living in defeat and suffering? It could be because of the different curses in your life that have been putting you in chains, which need to be uncovered and released, so that God’s blessings of abundance may prevail. There are two types of curse in a person’s life; they are either passed on to their generation from their ancestors through their parents. It could also be a result of the consequences of the wrong choices a person makes.
Master Prophet E. Bernard Jordan will help you uncover these curses and break the vicious cycle of defeat in your life. It is time to stop blaming others for your failure and taking full responsibility for your actions. Remember that what you sow will be harvested at the appointed time. Lack of repentance is also the same reason why certain curses remain rooted in a person’s life, which affects all the generations next to him. This is the perfect time to learn the art of war and spiritual warfare by making the right choices and sow seeds of goodness that the next generation will reap.
The initial step towards a life of abundance is to have an active renewing of the mind to allow God’s truth and teaching to seep in into our lives. In his book, Breaking Soul Ties and Generational Curses, Master Prophet E. Bernard Jordan teaches about the art of war by identifying the cause of the curse. A curse literally means to use divine vengeance or to use an oath to cause harm to another human being.
This curse will have power over individuals whose lives are lived in the shadow of sin, disobedience and ignorance. What must be done, therefore, in spiritual warfare is to open the search light on and let the sin be revealed. Identify the door that has been opened for the curse used to enter and through God’s authority rebuke him and shut the door in his face.
If a person, therefore, keeps a righteous and holy life for God, no curse will have power nor befall on him. Another area where curse comes in the lives of Christians is the failure to honor God with their first fruits or tithes. If what is meant to be used for God’s kingdom is unlawfully spent somewhere else it opens the curse of poverty and harassment from the enemy. For each of these scenarios, there is always a choice for every Christian in the art of war, and then to choose life over death, blessings over cursing; this must be done with the next generation in mind because whatever a parent chooses will also befall his children.
There are several curses that can be passed on to the bloodline like the curse of alcoholism, which can be manifested in alcoholic dependence or emotional and behavioral challenges. These curses can be uprooted through spiritual warfare by renouncing the curse and declaring Jesus Christ’s sovereignty over it.
Always keep in mind that whatever action or decision you make today determines what life your children will have on their own life ahead. Blessings and cursing are two powerful tools in spiritual warfare that is why you have to choose wisely, and operate in complete surrender and obedience to His Word. This is but the first step in the art of war; there are still other areas that need to be visited to have complete victory against the enemy.