“My brethren, count it all when you fall into various trials.” (James 1:2)

Our reaction to negative circumstances can make we feel defeated and depressed. Our proactive response to negative circumstances can resolve our problems and develop our character. As a child of God, we have God’s help to turn our negative circumstances into a lesson in developing character. During our Christian walk we will develop character, regardless of whether or not we want to. The only issue is how many times we will repeat the lesson before we learn it and move on.

Some people want to have a pity party when they encounter negative circumstances. The cause of their negative, miserable attitude is their refusal to act on His Word and count it all joy. Some people insist on acting out however they happen to feel, but stubbornly retaining a bad attitude causes His power to remain idle in the lives of those who always react instead of respond. Heaven responds when His children count it all joy, not when they bellyache and complain.

The challenge to living a life of faith comes when negative circumstances attempt to rob us of our joy. Make a decision to start using our new habit of counting it all joy when we experience trials and negative circumstances. Many people have been conditioned to react negatively to negative circumstances. When we continue to react to negative circumstances instead of counting it all joy, you keep getting more of those negative circumstances. However, our joy is not dependent on our circumstances; our joy is dependent on following the instructions in God’s Word.

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