Taking Risks

1We all have the potential for excellence. Each of us is blessed with different talents, skills and characteristics that can pave our way towards our goals in life. Our fear of failure can lead us to doubt the strength and capacity of our blessings. We may see our goals clearly but cloud our ability to make it happen with doubt. You must believe in yourself and in what you are doing in order to be excellent at it. Those who want to succeed take the risks and win their personal battles in life.

If you believe in your God-given abilities, your confidence will drive you forward. Stop second guessing yourself and believe in your own ability. Excellence is attained with strong conviction.

Think of the fears you keep inside and reflect on how they derail you from growing into the person you’ve always wanted to be. Instead, believe in your own abilities. God blessed you with life because He believes in you.

Have you turned promising opportunities down because of a little risk? Asses the decisions you have to make using logic but without fear. Taking the right risks will lead you to become a must stronger, more experienced and more driven person.

When you read the “Spiritual Art of War” you will realize how easy it is to finally gain victory in your own life. Bishop E Bernard Jordan wishes for you to win life’s battles and start becoming successful! Click here to start winning your spiritual and personal battles today.