Mastering Yourself

1One of the hardest things in life is mastering your skills in order for you to achieve your goals. It is easy to do things when it is new to you because you’re excited, you look forward to something new.But what happens when you need to do it over and over again to improve and perfect your skills? Do you give up easily?

To be dedicated on something, you need to give up some things. It is not easy to give up the things that you’re used to. You need to give up some things to be able to practice with consistency and to be dedicated to what you do. Sometimes, you need to cut-out other habits to have time for the skill that you need to practice.

Giving up other things for something that you want to master is hard, but we have to choose and prioritize things. We can’t have it all, we only have one body and we can do things one at a time. You can’t do all things at the same time. You can make a list of the things that you can give up for the mean time or forever for that skill that you want to master.

What do you want to be a master of? Maybe you have goals for your career and business that you are having difficulties to achieve. Bishop E Bernard has created a book inspired by Sun Tzu’s “Art of War” which we all know has helped millions of people in their businesss and careers. The “Spiritual Art of War” is a Bible-based book on how you can start winning in life and begin achieving your goals. Click here to begin your journey today.

You Are Valuable

1When you try to ride through life, you realize many things about yourself. You are different from others, stop comparing yourself. How you do and learn things is in a different phase from others. Comparing yourself to others will just bring pressure to you and how you do things. Enjoy the process of learning, and you’ll be amazed how you accomplish things on your ownterms.

You are valuable as an individual. Society has taught us that if we do not measure with the most talented people then we are not good enough, and that is wrong. We are valuable, who we are, and our talents are different from each other. When you compare to others because you want to improve then that is a good motivation.

Everyone is different; we all have our strengths and individual value. You just have to figure out your own strength to be able to excel in what you are doing. So you can still improve yourself and master it. To be able to master the skill, you need to do it many times, to practice and have patience to do it.

When you face battles in your life, you must realize that God intended you to be different in order for you to win. Bishop E Bernard Jordan has created a book called, “Spiritual Art of War” which discusses different strategies and Biblical ways for you gain victory in life. Click here to get your copy today.

Taking Risks

1We all have the potential for excellence. Each of us is blessed with different talents, skills and characteristics that can pave our way towards our goals in life. Our fear of failure can lead us to doubt the strength and capacity of our blessings. We may see our goals clearly but cloud our ability to make it happen with doubt. You must believe in yourself and in what you are doing in order to be excellent at it. Those who want to succeed take the risks and win their personal battles in life.

If you believe in your God-given abilities, your confidence will drive you forward. Stop second guessing yourself and believe in your own ability. Excellence is attained with strong conviction.

Think of the fears you keep inside and reflect on how they derail you from growing into the person you’ve always wanted to be. Instead, believe in your own abilities. God blessed you with life because He believes in you.

Have you turned promising opportunities down because of a little risk? Asses the decisions you have to make using logic but without fear. Taking the right risks will lead you to become a must stronger, more experienced and more driven person.

When you read the “Spiritual Art of War” you will realize how easy it is to finally gain victory in your own life. Bishop E Bernard Jordan wishes for you to win life’s battles and start becoming successful! Click here to start winning your spiritual and personal battles today.

Power and Humility

1Ever wondered how the most successful business people achieved their goals? How they became billionaires from being flat broke? It’s because they know every strategy in the war of life. They are powerful, yet humble. And they know that the most important relationship they need to have is a relationship with God.

In Matthew 6, Jesus commands us to keep our intentions private: “‘But you, when you pray, go into your room, and when you have shut your door, pray to your Father who is in the secret place…’” (Matthew 6:6a). Never boast, never brag; just as important, never show defeat, never show vulnerability. The mightiest warfare in the kingdom of Heaven is done behind the scenes,in secret.That’s where the real power is, and we know this because that’s how our God of war operates.

If God is on your side, you will always be victorious. Remember that God is a God of war, and whatever challenges you face, He will make sure that you win. Bishop E. Bernard Jordan has created a book inspired by Sun Tzu’s war strategies and has infused Bible stories that tell us of the wars that God has won for His people.

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You Are A Warrior

1When you made the decision to accept God in your life, you were turned into His warrior. Now you might be thinking, “I don’t want to be involved in any war!”. That’s where you are wrong. The spiritual world is always at war, and when you have God by your side, you know that you are always victorious.

In 2 Chronicles 20:23, we see how God works for his warriors: “For the people of Ammon and Moab stood up against the inhabitants of Mount Seir to utterly kill and destroy them. And… they helped to destroy each other” (2 Chronicles). Not only does God deliver them a great victory, He blesses them with abundant spoils of warfare (v. 25). That’s how this principle works in the kingdom: God will use it to deliver you great victories, and you’ll reap the rich rewards as a result.

In life, you will be placed in a battlefield. You will encounter people who will give you a difficult time in life. This is where the “Spiritual Art of War” book comes in. Bishop E Bernard Jordan wants you to understand that you have an ally with you, and that’s God. Click here now and learn more about how you can win your personal battles in life.

Playing the Fool

Since life is a battlefield, we need to be able to play or strategize the best way possible. Bishop E. Bernard Jordan does exactly that through the “Spiritual Art of War”, guiding you and giving you principles that you can use along the way.
One of its principles it to feign foolishness (play the fool), and you’ll take everyone by surprise. Remember, wise as a serpent, harmless as a dove! Use this powerful tactic of deception in your business and personal life, and people will underestimate you—and then you’ll score the win. Play the fool, and no one will see your wisdom. People tend to see what they expect to see. Make sure you’re doing all you can to foster this illusion, playing on your adversary’s short-sightedness and the limitations of his thinking. Do everything in your power to locate his biases and exploit them; if necessary and/or opportune, you may even be able to create his biases for him. Your adversary will be certain you’re a fool until it’s much too late.
You see this principle absolutely everywhere, once you know what you’re looking for. You probably remember some of the naysayers spreading doubt about online businesses like and ebay. com, or social media sites like Facebook. Many people simply didn’t expect these sites to see anywhere close to the staggering success they’ve achieved. “People won’t want to give up the in-person shopping experience,” they thought. “People prefer their personal interactions and will tire of Facebook in a month.” It’s safe to say, based on the high usage of online shopping and social networking websites, that what appears foolish is quite often merely ahead of its time.
Want to learn more principles and strategies to outwit your adversaries and win the battle of life?

Who is Your Enemy?

1There are times when we encounter enemies. They are people we don’t look for, but come into our lives to prevent us from being successful. How do you deal with them? Do you confront them or just avoid them? The “Spiritual Art of War” will teach you how to deal with your enemies and guide you in being successful in life.

You do not want an enraged enemy. Sun Tzu says, “Now in order to kill the enemy, our men must be roused to anger”. Therefore, the “angrier” you are and the calmer your enemy is, the better. Anger fuels energy and directs purpose. It supplies you with the motivation to achieve victory and prolongs your endurance.

Care should be taken, however, to let the anger be carefully directed and focused, for as Sun Tzu says, “The general, unable to control his irritation, will launch his men to the assault like swarming ants, with the result that one-third of his men are slain”. An enraged warrior can also be an error-prone warrior, so if your opponent is one who doesn’t deal well with anger, enraging him might actually be the wiser strategy. After all, as Sun Tzu said, “If your opponent is of choleric temper, seek to irritate him. Pretend to be weak, that he may grow arrogant”.

When you know how your adversary handles anger, you will be able to determine whether he is someone you should anger in order to throw him off balance and get him so flustered he doesn’t see anything but his own frustration. If your adversary is enraged, he could make terrible mistakes, mistakes that will prove fatal to his organization, his business, his base of operations. And you’ll be the one to reap the rewards.

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Love Your Enemies

1Jesus always told us to love our enemies. This was probably one of the first things taught to us in church or even in Sunday School. But as we dig deeper into the stories of the Bible, we learn that God is a God of war. In life, you will encounter people who want to bring you down. Of course since God is on your side, He wants you to achieve victory in whatever it is that you are in. Sometimes there are people who will just be a nuisance to you but affect you greatly. How are you supposed to deal with these kinds of people?

What’s the connection between the Cold War and Jesus’ admonition to “love your enemies”? Everything! Be the bigger man (or woman), put forward a smile and refuse to show any anger, and you’ll have a great chance of winning him over. Now, even if you can’t win him over, even if there’s no chance for cooperation and reconciliation, the great thing about this principle is that it allows you to take advantage of two opponents that are entirely different from one another: the unwary enemy, and the enraged enemy!

You do not want an enraged enemy. Sun Tzu says, “Now in order to kill the enemy, our men must be roused to anger”. Therefore, the “angrier” you are and the calmer your enemy is, the better. Anger fuels energy and directs purpose. It supplies you with the motivation to achieve victory and prolongs your endurance.

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David and Goliath

davidIn life’s battles, God has his prophetic art of war. In your life particularly, He has plans for your victory and success in whatever wars you face. You just have to read through the Bible and study on numerous accounts that God has won for His people.

A good example from the Bible has to be the story of David and Goliath. Let’s look at that Scripture to see an example of the prophetic art of war in action: In 1 Samuel 17, Saul and the men of Israel go to war against the Philistines yet again. Verse 4 reads, “And a champion went out from the camp of the Philistines, named Goliath, from Gath, whose height was six cubits and a span.” We know from this passage that Goliath is an influencer in the Philistine armies; his height and his fighting skills have made him a leader among his people. In verses 8-9, Goliath challenges the men of Israel to send their own champion to fight him: if Goliath kills the Israelite champion, Israel will serve the Philistines, and vice-versa.

I’m sure you’re familiar with the rest of the story: only David, youngest among his brothers, has the courage to fight Goliath. After he fells him with a stone from his sling, he cuts off Goliath’s head with his own sword—and all the Philistines flee (1 Samuel 17:51).

There are five dangerous faults that may affect a general:

1. Recklessness, which leads to destruction

2. Cowardice, which leads to capture

3. A hasty temper, which can be provoked by insults

4. A delicacy of honor, which is sensitive to shame

5. Too much compassion for his men, which exposes him to worry and trouble.

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Stand Back & Watch the Fires Burn

Life is full of battles and struggles. How should one deal with such obstacles? The Spiritual Art of War discusses different strategies and principles that help Christians in gaining victory in life.

One of the principles is “stand back and watch the fires burn”. The strategy: Allow discord in your adversary’s camp to reduce that adversary from within. Why: a discord in your adversary’s camp may deliver a result that benefits you without you even having to participate. You are essentially sitting back and letting your adversary destroy himself.

There is something about this that may, to you, seem counterintuitive, because it’s already been advised that you attack your adversary at his weakest; wouldn’t it make sense to attack your adversary when there’s a (literal or figurative) fire in his camp?

Here’s the thing: a fire in your enemy’s camp is a crisis, not always a weakness or point of vulnerability. A crisis is anything that threatens to tear your enemy apart from within. This could be a crisis in the leadership, or with market share, or anything—but if it involves any kind of conflict within the leadership, or a conflict of interest over how to handle the crisis, your attack could enable warring factions to set aside their differences, be reconciled to each other and band forces to fight you. So if you attack at the wrong time, you might actually resolve the crisis for your adversary. Sun Tzu has this advice for attacking with fire: “When fire breaks out inside an enemy’s camp, respond at once with an attack from outside”

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Start Winning!

Throughout history, emperors, kings, and generals have won and lost empires on the battlefield. These were men who lived by the rules of war, the art of strategy, and either won great victories or suffered terrible defeats based on how well they applied them. About 2,500 years ago, the ancient Chinese military philosopher and general Sun Tzu wrote down his observations and theories in a treatise called The Art of War. As we’ll discover, Sun Tzu’s ideas have a lot in common with the kingdom vision of prophetic warfare!

Have you been struggling with the battles of life? Do you feel like you’ve been losing a lot of wars lately? How does one attain victory, and remain victorious? What are the secrets to winning in life?

You will learn that God is a God of war and a God of victory, a God who gives His people endless gifts in life. As we will see, all God asks in return is our faith and trust in Him: He wants us to plant the seeds of faith, through tithing, as a gesture of our devotion to Him. The more we give back to God to contribute to His kingdom, the more we will be blessed in return. It’s a wonderful virtuous cycle, like a credit card with no limits and no late fees!

Read Bishop E. Bernard Jordan’s Spiritual Art of War book and start experiencing God’s blessings and gifts. God desires for you to become victorious and to stay happy while you live your life on earth. Click here if you’d like to start winning your battles!

Strategizing Victory

We all want to achieve many things in life. Whether it’s a promotion at work or a business success, we all have goals that we would want to attain one of these days. But as we work our way into trying to achieve these goals, we face obstacles and struggles along the way. Sometimes we even have adversaries who try to pull us down and prevent us from getting to the top.

This is why Bishop E. Bernard Jordan created the Spiritual Art of War. This book, together with God’s scriptures, will help you in achieving those goals. It will guide you in dealing with difficult people and in strategizing on how to be victorious, not just in your career but in your life.

Master the prophetic art of war, and you can achieve great things in the kingdom of God: enjoy the fullness and abundance God has purposed for you! We’ll be learning and examining fifty-four master principles that define the prophetic art of war. Learn them, study them, and you will know how to succeed.

Obeying the Commander

In battle, soldiers become disciplined to follow orders form their commanders. This is because they know that their commander is more knowledgeable in terms of strategies and how to attack the enemy. If they as so little disobey their commander, the plan fails and they lose the battle.

When we discipline ourselves in the art of war, we partake of the blessings of the kingdom. As we’ve seen in this book, God will bless us greatly through our circumstances. He will give us many, many opportunities for success, but we must trust in Him as Master Strategist and General. Only then can we enjoy the phenomenal success He wants for us.

Do you want success? Trust God to be the authority of your life and start winning your battles. Read Bishop E. Bernard Jordan’s Spiritual Art of War and learn the strategies to success.

Ready to Play?

The game of life can be very tricky. We have people with different personalities with different motives and goals in their lives. Sometimes we have the same goals as them and this leads us to competing or battling out in order to achieve that same goal. This is the battle of life. There will always be competition and there will always be someone in your way.

Your greatest need is to realize that our God, the God of war, is on your side. And He wants to teach you the art of war so that you will be unstoppable, able to weather every storm in this life and emerge the better for it, able to use what He has given you to prosper and succeed. All He wants in return is a token of your commitment to Him.

Are you ready to commit to the God of war? Having Him by your side means having sure victory in your life. Are you ready to win? Read Bishop E. Bernard Jordan’s book, “Spiritual Art of War” and discover how the Bible can be you ultimate guide to winning life’s battles. Start your road to prosperity today.

Confronting Your Enemies

If you’re a person in the world of business but hates confrontation, then there are things that you must learn in order to thrive in this industry. The Spiritual Art of War will help guide you and give you different ways in confronting people, whether this is an enemy in the office of just a regular neighbor annoying you.

Forcing a confrontation on your terms provides you with a number of options: it lets you guard your weaknesses and play to your strengths; at the same time, you’re working off the enemy’s weak points and negating his strengths. In Mark 11:23, Jesus says, “‘For assuredly, I say to you, whoever says to this mountain, “Be removed and cast into the sea,” and does not doubt in his heart, but believes… he will have whatever he says’” (Mark 11:23).

Do you see how this can be interpreted as Jesus talking about shaping the conflict to our will? All the obstacles we encounter in life, all the mountains we have to move, all of these things we can conquer and take possession of. To learn more about these great strategies, get your copy of Bishop E. Bernard Jordan’s “Spiritual Art of War”.

Building a Business

Do you want to build a business but often feel like you don’t have the right skills to actually make it happen? Bishop E. Bernard Jordan offers you the Spiritual Art of War, a book that involves strategies in being successful not only in your business but your life as well.

In business, the art of war involves knowing what’s most important regarding what you do: in other words, what are you really in the business of? When you know this, you know your strengths. You might say, “I provide X product or service,” and you’ll be right. But only in part. What you are fundamentally engaged in is what Hajo Reisenbeck and Jesko Perrey call in their book Power Brands: Measuring, Making and Managing Brand Success, “the trinity of art, science, and craft” . Once you understand that whatever business you’re engaged in centers on these three things, you’ll be a big step ahead of the competition. In business, these three key concepts of art, science, and craft are so powerful that they can shape people’s perceptions and dictate how they spend their money.

If you want to know and read more about these strategies, read The Spiritual Art of War and final become victorious in your business and life! It is time to fulfill those dreams and turn them into reality.

Watching Success

Does most of your life revolve around other people’s success? It’s like all of your friends have attained some sort of position or level in their lives and you feel like you’re the only one who has remained stagnant? It’s time to finally have victory not only in your career but your life as well. Take control and finally get the raise or promotion that you deserve.

Back in the day, a military tactician Sun Tzu came up with strategies that were used not only during war, but also in the modern times. Today, Bishop E. Bernard Jordan has carefully written a book based on Sun Tzu’s Art of War and applied it in a Christian’s journey to success. The principles of the book will not only give you the strategies to finally get your boss to notice you at work, but also ways on how to deal and work with your peers in the industry.

Stop watching other people get their success and start making your own victories. Read the Spiritual Art of War and have control over your life. Find confidence and strength in the guides that The Master Prophet has prepared for you. Get your copy today.

Reign Your Life

War has become a part of history for thousands of years. Emperors, generals and kings have gone through war for the longest time. Those who win, reap the benefits of having a bigger kingdom and bigger reign. These were men who lived by the rules of war. Some of them succeed in their strategies, and some don’t.

You are blessed to know that Bishop E. Bernard Jordan has written a book based on Sun Tzu’s Art of War and has applied it to what Christians go through, a spiritual war. Just like kings back in the day, God wants you to enlarge your territories and become satisfied here on earth. God is a God of victory, and since you are His child, he wants you to be victorious. Through your act of faith and trust in Him, He will reveal to you strategies to gain victory in all areas of your life.

In the Spiritual Art of War, you will master the prophetic art of war and achieve things in the kingdom of God. Just like emperors, He wants you to reap the benefits of putting your faith in Him through prosperity and abundance in your life. Are you ready to be victorious? Learn the fifty-four master principles that define the prophetic art of war and start living the life of a king.

Living in War

Humans in general have always been in competition with one another. War has been part of our history for the longest time. Kings have invaded countries and taken over hundreds of communities. Some win and some lose. Those who win are able to get what they want and become leaders. This century is no different. There are still countries who are trying to control neighboring nations and some nations are still in a state of war. In companies, people are in competition against each other, trying to reach the top of the corporate ladder.

We’ve been living in “war” all our lives, some have mastered how to win it, and some are still learning. How do we win the battles of life? Is it all about luck and fate? Or can we actually control things and work our way to winning?

The Spiritual Art of War by Bishop E. Bernard Jordan helps and guides you into winning your own battles in life. Whether you are struggling at work or at home, the book will teach you how the God of strategy can give you victory. It’s time to step up in this competitive world and start winning! Are you up for it?

Stop Being the Victim and Claim Victory

Christians, especially during the old days were ostracized a lot. That still holds true today . The only difference is, we have resources to be equipped in facing troubles. Christians in the modern days don’t just sit back and take all the harsh things the world throws at them.  They no longer allow other people to treat them as doormats. They fight back and aim for victory, whether it’s victory at work or at home.  They have a fighting spirit that is stronger than ever because God gives them the strength that they need.

“Now thanks [be] unto God, which always causeth us to triumph in Christ, and maketh manifest the savour of his knowledge by us in every place.” Corinthinans 2:14. The great news is, God wants us to be victorious. He is rooting for us to win the battles of our lives.  As long as HE is by our side,  we should be confident in the fact that we are in the winning team.

You are not alone in this spiritual war. All Christians get tested in their spiritual journey. But what can set you apart is your knowledge in learning how to get pass through those obstacles efficiently and effectively.

The Spiritual Art of War will teach you strategies on how overcome your struggles in life through God’s instructions.  Bishop E. Bernard Jordan has created a book based on Sun Tzu’s military tactics and has applied it in a spiritual and Christian way.