Surviving the Game of Life

Reality TV has grown into such a big business for the media because viewers get to relate to the people who are involved in it. This is especially true for televisions shows that are competitive such as Survivor, Amazing Race or Fear Factor. It shows the humanity, emotions and struggles that the contestants have to go through. In survivor, they have a tag line that says, “Outwit, Outplay, Outlast”. These three are supposedly what you’ll need in order to survive. Winners have a combination of wit, strength and the most important of all, strategy.

Just like in life, we need to learn how to outwit and outplay our adversaries. Or else, we end up losing in life, and God doesn’t want that for you. He doesn’t want you to keep losing and getting depressed. He wants to succeed in whatever endeavors you get yourself into. He wants you to have victory, because you deserve it as a child of God. Do you want to survive in this world? Better yet, do you want to come out a winner?

When you read The Spiritual Art of War, you will learn the principles and strategies that will equip you to take advantage of opportunities and know how to use your skills to its fullest extent. Win the game of life and start enjoying the benefits. Grab a copy today.