Spiritual Warfare and Prophetic People

“The God of peace will soon crush Satan under your feet. The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you.”(Romans 16:20)

God allows test and trials and these do include season of spiritual warfare. His purpose in allowing the attack is to purify your faith and strengthen your spiritual authority. God also allows you to go through temptation that serve to highlight your weaknesses, you tend to have blind spot when it comes to your own stuff, so that God can show you more of His grace and love and transforming power.

Bishop Jordan believes that God’s plan in testing is for you to come through the trial as bigger and better person. Stronger and closer to God and each other, Satan’s strategy is that you get stuck in the trial. God wants you to, hold back, remain hurt and be afraid. God will mark His messages with your own thoughts. You need aware of the battle that is taking place for your minds. It can be helpful to step back and review the tapes that is playing in your thoughts. It is only as you identify what these is these that you can address them by wielding the sword of God’s word.

As prophetic people it is vital that you may understand the difference between God allowing you to go through a season of testing and the enemy seeking to rob us of your prophetic gifts and ministry call. But you can definitely turn spiritual warfare to your advantage, it is because Christ has already won the battle for you. If you want to how to find the battle and get a free prophecy join Master Prophet E. Bernard Jordan on live teleconference and win the battle against Satan.