Understand that our true identity is in Christ, not in what we accomplish. Recognize that our worth comes from the fact that we were one of His beloved children and remember that without God, we can not do anything. Ask Him to give us confidence we need to be secure in who we are, no matter what our current circumstances. Do not brag about our dreams, when we discuss them with others, keep the focus on Him rather than ourself. Spend time with Him in prayer every day and let our time in God’s presence humble us and remind is of God unconditional love for us.

Realize that He has a great plan for everyone God has created. Know that He has already spoken a specific, prophetic word over our life, releasing the power to carry us toward our destiny. Get to know and love His Word to everyone, the Bible, by reading and studying it often. Let it test our character and build our faith. When we were trying to discern whether or not a specific prophecy we hear is truly from Him, remember that He never says anything contrary to what God has said in the Bible. Keep in mind that He still speaks today through His Holy Spirit. But remember that any prophecy we may receive is just a part of what He is saying. He gives prophetic words to encourage us and cause us to seek him. But we should put prophetic words together with Scripture to come up with a more complete picture of what He is saying. Ask the Holy Spirit to help us discern which part of a prophecy is purely from Him, and which part is coming from our own personality or issues.

Bishop Jordan that believe that God created us to have power and intends us to use it the way God does, to do good, help people and make life on earth better. Try to be good steward of the authority and responsibility He has given to us. Remember that it is what we do with God given power and blessing that is the true test of our character.

Believe that we have a God given purpose in life. Ask God to show us our talents and spiritual gifts. Think and pray about we were good at doing, and what we most enjoy doing, those things a probably related to our talents and gifts. Begin to do those things more and more, and He will reveal more of our purpose to us. Rest in the knowledge that because He is good, God is working for good in every situation in our life.

“For thus saith the Lord of host, the God of Israel; Let not your prophets and your diviners, that in the midst of you, deceive you, neither hearken to your dreams which ye causes to be dreamed.” (Jeremiah 29:8)