Reign Your Life

War has become a part of history for thousands of years. Emperors, generals and kings have gone through war for the longest time. Those who win, reap the benefits of having a bigger kingdom and bigger reign. These were men who lived by the rules of war. Some of them succeed in their strategies, and some don’t.

You are blessed to know that Bishop E. Bernard Jordan has written a book based on Sun Tzu’s Art of War and has applied it to what Christians go through, a spiritual war. Just like kings back in the day, God wants you to enlarge your territories and become satisfied here on earth. God is a God of victory, and since you are His child, he wants you to be victorious. Through your act of faith and trust in Him, He will reveal to you strategies to gain victory in all areas of your life.

In the Spiritual Art of War, you will master the prophetic art of war and achieve things in the kingdom of God. Just like emperors, He wants you to reap the benefits of putting your faith in Him through prosperity and abundance in your life. Are you ready to be victorious? Learn the fifty-four master principles that define the prophetic art of war and start living the life of a king.