Playing the Fool

Since life is a battlefield, we need to be able to play or strategize the best way possible. Bishop E. Bernard Jordan does exactly that through the “Spiritual Art of War”, guiding you and giving you principles that you can use along the way.
One of its principles it to feign foolishness (play the fool), and you’ll take everyone by surprise. Remember, wise as a serpent, harmless as a dove! Use this powerful tactic of deception in your business and personal life, and people will underestimate you—and then you’ll score the win. Play the fool, and no one will see your wisdom. People tend to see what they expect to see. Make sure you’re doing all you can to foster this illusion, playing on your adversary’s short-sightedness and the limitations of his thinking. Do everything in your power to locate his biases and exploit them; if necessary and/or opportune, you may even be able to create his biases for him. Your adversary will be certain you’re a fool until it’s much too late.
You see this principle absolutely everywhere, once you know what you’re looking for. You probably remember some of the naysayers spreading doubt about online businesses like and ebay. com, or social media sites like Facebook. Many people simply didn’t expect these sites to see anywhere close to the staggering success they’ve achieved. “People won’t want to give up the in-person shopping experience,” they thought. “People prefer their personal interactions and will tire of Facebook in a month.” It’s safe to say, based on the high usage of online shopping and social networking websites, that what appears foolish is quite often merely ahead of its time.
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