Living in War

Humans in general have always been in competition with one another. War has been part of our history for the longest time. Kings have invaded countries and taken over hundreds of communities. Some win and some lose. Those who win are able to get what they want and become leaders. This century is no different. There are still countries who are trying to control neighboring nations and some nations are still in a state of war. In companies, people are in competition against each other, trying to reach the top of the corporate ladder.

We’ve been living in “war” all our lives, some have mastered how to win it, and some are still learning. How do we win the battles of life? Is it all about luck and fate? Or can we actually control things and work our way to winning?

The Spiritual Art of War by Bishop E. Bernard Jordan helps and guides you into winning your own battles in life. Whether you are struggling at work or at home, the book will teach you how the God of strategy can give you victory. It’s time to step up in this competitive world and start winning! Are you up for it?