It’s Time to Start Winning

1Are you carrying a heavy weight on your shoulders? Do you feel as though you’re losing every battle you face in life? This spiritual struggle that you are experiencing is a struggle that you can win at. God knows your potential and so he knows that you can become victorious in whatever obstacle you are facing!

God knows what you are going through and how you are struggling. You just have to realize that you have the power to overcome your life’s battles, because God is with you! Remember the story of Moses and Joshua? God used them as prophets to lead His people. God made sure that they are to overcome tough times because they carry His name. God led them to win many battles.

Would you like to win your battles? You need to understand God’s strategies and in order for you to do this, you must read Bishop Jordan’s Spiritual Art of War, inspired by the war strategist Sun Tzu and the Master Strategist himself, our God.  It is time that you experience God’s victory and live in abundance! Click here to read the book today!