Got Enemies? Here’s How You Can Deal With Them


Winning in life means that you have to avoid or attack enemies that come your way. Whether it’s a neighbor that’s been trying to ruin your family or that co-worker who likes sabotaging your accomplishments, Bishop Jordan’s book “Spiritual Art of War” can help you in dealing with them! So how do you attack? What are some specific strategies that you can do to win your personal battles?
The first half of what Sun Tzu says about this, missing from the above quote, is this: “You can ensure the success of your attacks only if you attack undefended places”. If you’ve taken the measure of your opponent, and he’s taken the measure of you, what you’re doing here is keeping his attention on that perceived vulnerability while your forces gather in the area with good defense. “He is skillful in defense whose opponent does not know what to attack”.
While your adversary is chipping away at an area you’ve allowed access to, he won’t think to look for other vulnerabilities. He will assume victory and pity your lack of planning or your inability to respond. Little will he know that he’s giving you ample time to make your plans for a full-scale attack that will make his look like child’s play.
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