Finding Weakness

1In war, it is quite common for soldiers and strategists to find their opponent’s weakness. This is of course very smart because then you will know how to beat them faster and hit them where they do not expect to be hit.

In life, it is the same concept. When you have enemies who wish you pull you down and stop you from being successful in life, you will have to get rid of them. They will not just voluntarily go, because their goal is to stop you from winning.

An essential component to this strategy of exposing a weakness, an apparent vulnerability, is having a secret strength! If your adversary attacks you in a position of actual vulnerability, you’ll want to close ranks and block him fast! You must always have your eye on the endgame: you’re using the exposed vulnerability to misdirect your adversary. You must be ready for him to either call your bluff or avoid what he believes to be a trap. Either way, you can still win.

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