Feeling Beaten Up?

1In life it is inevitable for you to encounter enemies or adversaries, especially when you’re working your way up in life, trying to attain success in your career or business. These people are only in your life to challenge you and keep you moving forward, nothing else. If you let them in your skin and start letting them affect you and your goals, you have lost your battles.

Bishop Jordan created a book called “ The Spiritual Art of War” to help those who are being defeated by their adversaries, those who are being stepped on in their careers and those who are feeling beaten up.

One of the strategies that he discusses in the book is to “Involve the ego, will, and personality of your opponent’s leadership, and you have a chance of hitting him where he is vulnerable.” When the conflict becomes personal, it’s no longer ‘business as usual.’ Engage your opponent personally, while remaining clear-headed yourself, and you put him at a disadvantage.

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