Do you Know Who You Are?

Do we honestly know ourselves? Do we sometimes wonder why we act the way we  do? We might say we are children of God, but are we really are? Are we spreading  His Word? Are we acting like His children? Are we living the life God wants us to live?

Every one needs to know the purpose of being in this world. Every one needs to feel their value as a person. Most of us want to fell loved, valued and appreciated. We have been searching for all these things in our lives and that is why we also search our worth and our place in this lifetime. We all need to find why we are all here. The truth is, there is no one else that loves us more than God even though sometimes we are heading to the right track and do bad things. No matter how mess up we are, God will still show us His love. The value that God has given us is great. God has created each and everyone of us uniquely and nobody is exactly the way we are. When we discover who we truly are, we will know that because we will experience true happiness.

Perhaps the power of prophecy can help us know ourselves better than we already have. Bishop Jordan ever it is that you might need. There are lots of hindrances that may stop us from knowing ourselves. We might feel fear,self pity, worry, insecurity,shyness, inferiority, rejection, shame, guilt, depression, jealousy, envy,rebellion, manipulation, lying, etc..

Of there is rejection in your life, you might pull away from your faith in God as this will weaken your emotion and you might feel negative emotions and constantly be afraid that there might be another rejection to come your way