Business Rivals

1Do you feel like you do not have the right sources in order to become successful in life? Is there a particular lack in your business or in growing in your career? If you’re having problems putting two and two together, there is still hope for you. Your resources, your abilities, can complement each other in ways that are related to your long-distance relationship and your respective local conditions.

Business affords many great examples of this principle: businesses that compete are businesses in the same industry, in the same area. They’re logical rivals. Whether it’s manufacturing, real estate, contracting, or anything else, for any given business or service in a particular area, you’ll have some other business that can offer that product or that service. But what is important is how you can rise above all the other companies. Sun Tzu’s “Art of War” has been a great source for businessmen and entrepreneurs in order to succeed and be above the rest.

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