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Bishop E. Bernard Jordan

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Our twenty-eighth principle is sheath your sword. The strategy is to deliberately present your adversary with an opportunity that empowers him to accept or reject your terms. Why: empowering your adversary to accept or reject your terms provides him with an honorable way out of the engagement. Conceal your sword, or halt your forward attack. !is principle is about the art of the truce and treaty. You see this primarily when nations go to war and the victor leaves the vanquished a way out, a way to come to the negotiation table without losing face. However, in many other situations in the Bible, we see examples of individuals who don’t take the way out. Given that God often prefers the “total elimination approach,” this is utterly foolish. In Exodus14, Pharaoh pursues the Israelites because God has hardened his heart (v. 4-9). Pharaoh doesn’t take the way out by simply letting the Israelites go, even though he’s already been through ten plagues, each of them an opportunity for Pharaoh to take the way out, to set free the Children of Israel. However, Pharaoh doesn’t relent until the tenth plague, the death of the firstborn. His pursuit of the Israelites seals his fate and the fate of his army (Exodus 14:27-28).