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Bishop E. Bernard Jordan

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Our thirty-seventh principle is lie in wait for an attacking adversary. The strategy is to challenge your adversary’s plans with an aggressive defense that is prepared to receive him. Why: an adversary who attacks a defense prepared to receive is playing to your advantage. Don’t chase your adversary, this principle is telling us—just sit back and let him come to you. As Sun Tzu said, “All armies prefer high ground to low ground and sunny places to dark places” (IX.11). Get yourself on that high ground, and then sit back and let the adversary do all the work of attacking you with the terrain in your favor. This ties in directly with Sun Tzu’s advice regarding being the first on the field, as well: remember, whichever army is first “will be fresh for the fight”, while the runner-up “must hasten into battle [and] will arrive exhausted” (VI.1). Don’t hasten to attack your adversary.