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Bishop E. Bernard Jordan

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Our thirty-first principle is leave behind an empty shell. The strategy you want to follow is to hide your intentions by appearing to maintain the status quo. Why: the status quo does not draw added attention. Hiding your attentions is a great way to feint in the east while being prepared to act in the west. It’s camouflage: compare it to a chameleon’s instinct to change color to match its surroundings. Camouflageexists all throughout nature to keep animals from being eaten, and to help many predators to catch their prey. It’s no accident that the military uses camouflage to blend into any terrain, whether snow,desert, jungle, mountains, forest, or field. Camouflage conceals, it hides a threat. Use camouflage, appear indistinguishable from your surroundings (in other words, to blend in and go unnoticed), and you can entrap and ensnare your adversary by leading him into an ambush.