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Bishop E. Bernard Jordan

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Our thirty-third principle is change the scope of the engagement. The strategy here is to expand or limit the ?eld of action until key measures of advantage fall into your favor. Why: decisive advantages often reside within alternative boundaries. In the last chapter, we looked at speed; now, we’re looking at terrain, an important consideration in any military campaign. You don’t want to attack until the terrain is favorable and conditions are just right. This is why the military uses scouting teams and sophisticated surveillance and reconnaissance equipment and devices.You have to send the advanced team to determine the condition of the terrain, because the terrain is important. Attack on the wrong ground, and all your best-laid plans will be for naught: you’ll lose, because you’ll be attacking your enemy in a place where he feels secure, or where you’re simply weaker than you would be if you had more familiarity with your surroundings