“The Fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom, and the knowledge of the Holy  One is insight.” (Proverb 9:10)

One kind of fear is the fear that shrinks from the Lord is dread which covers from Him and turn away from Him in terror as if He were our problem. That kind of fear is pagan not the Christian. It has nothing to do with glorifying and enjoying the Lord. It is suspicion and resentment toward the Lord. The gospel does not create this fear in our hearts. The gospel show you the glory of the Lord grace in Christ and lift you up, assured and fearless to face life boldly as men and women of eternal destiny. This is a new attitude of openness to the Lord which created by His love. If we are in Christ His perfect love is casting out our fear of judgment.

Master Prophet E. Bernard Jordan believes that as soon you accept that you are measure but the measured, you are not the givers but the recipients and that Jesus Christ is the universe’s greatest expert in all things humans you embark on a wonderful new journey. You are free to grow and change. You have received Him with the empty hands of Faith. You are under God’s love now. The gospel free us from the fear that the Lord will. In the end condemn us any way. Nothing will ever separate you from the love of the Lord in Christ Jesus our Lord. If you want to get a free written prophecy. Talk to Master Prophet E. Bernard Jordan.


It seem that in the busyness and the more complicated life gets, the more you can feel our life are out of control. For all the life enhancing, time saving gadgets you may have, life still has a habit of doing the unexpected and turning our world upside down. It mat sound cliched, you know but among the messes of life where it seem as if everything has gone, He is in control. Life has a habit of escaping our control.
As much as you may want to keep everything nicely ordered make a plan for how you want things to turn out and organize things so you reduce chaos life has a habit doing the unexpected. whatever happens in life, there is control. Life may feel out to you. But He has plan for you which not be thwarted, overturned or disrupted. He is in control.

“Surely just as I have intended so it has happened, and just as I have planned so it will stand, For the Lord of host has planned, and who can frustrate it? And as for His stretched out hand, who can turn it back?”(Isaiah 14:24-27)

Bishop Jordan believes that HE will not bring harm un our life. God allows bad things to happen at times things which we do not understand, but He will not cause us harm. You can trust in God’s will utterly. It is because God plan for us is not bring us harm but to prosper us. Sin has distorted His perfect world and brings about suffering in the life of all us. But Ge wants to see us flourish , grow and be blessed.If you want to know about more about God’s plan for you. Get your free prophecy now.


Does living the Christian life seems impossible? Let us tell you a secret it is impossible on our own. And trying to live the Christian life by our own effort is like a ship on dry land just does not work very well. For the ship to get anywhere it needs
to be resting on the water and to enjoyed the Christian life one needs to learn on how rest in God. The Christian’s secret to a consistent life is for Christ to live His life through us.

“I have been crucified with Christ; and I myself no longer live, but a Christ lives in me. And the real life I now have within this body is a result of my trusting in the Sonof God, who loved me and gave himself for me.” (Galatians 2:20)

Master Prophet believes that we have been given to someone to enable us to live the Christian life bravely in the Holy Spirit. He is not just a guide at the information booth along the heavenly trail. He is the Spirit of Christ that come to live in us. The Holy Spirit is God as the Son and the Father, much of the confusion surrounding the Holy Spirits occurs when people fail to view Him as a person. He has a personality. God is a divine person with a will and emotions. If we were obeying Christ today and trusting His power to change us, then we are exactly where God wants us to be. Do not agonize over the fruit we feel we lack. We never saw one of those young tress ever comparing itself with the old ones. Growth is a process and each part of the
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“In this the love of God was made manifest among us, that God sent His only Son  into the world, so that we might live through him. In this love, not we loved God but  that He loved us.”(1 John 4:9-10)

A relationship with God is like no other relationship we may have experienced. God has unique kind of love for us. It is unconditional not based upon meeting certain conditions. God loves us because He loves us. God doesn’t love us based upon our performance. There is nothing we can do to cause Him to love us any more than God already does and there is nothing that will cause God to love us any less. God loves us even more than we love our self. When God gave us a new life it did not come trimmed in lace and smelling perfume. Jesus began His early life in a smelly damp stable. He tasted real life and that will be the flavor of our journey with Christ is no magic just the promise of His presence with us.

Bishop Jordan believes that our faith rests in what God has revealed about Himself to us. He specifically wants us to believe and rely on His love for us. He loves loves us no matter what, even when we disobey. But we will live in His love, enjoyed His live as we obey Him. To grow in our understanding of God’s love for us. Talk to a Prophet and get your Free Written Prophecy


“Christ is become of no effect unto you, whosoever of you are justified by the Law; ye are fallen
from grace.” (Galatians 5:4)

The works in terms of righteousness is what the ministry today often refers to as works, in fact is
that if you were working for your righteousness you were under the law and have fallen from grace. You think of falling grace as to say, falling into sin, but that is not what the scripture is saying, when you fall from grace, you have fallen in a place of unbelief, as you were relying on your works to make you righteous.

Bishop Bernard Jordan believes that is not what the Lord intended. You ca not have peace with God while relying on your fallible human will power to be righteous. You can have peace with God when you rest by faith in His finished work of the Cross, thereby clothing you with His righteousness. The Lord has done the work of making you righteous by clothing you with His righteousness when you accept God work on the cross by faith. Your job is to accept that righteousness, which done through believing by accepting by faith the work of the cross. It is done. The Lord calls us all to do the works of Christ, same thing that the Lord did while here on earth. Prophecy News Watch explains it is important for each of one of us to what is the prophecies and revealing the Bible to us, and explains how it is important that happening and changing the world that we are facing now.

You Have Power and Authority

1God is a God of war, and supporting examples are found in nearly every chapter of Scripture. Since is He a God of war, He wants His children to be victorious in their battles as well.

Jesus’ many miracles demonstrate this same idea again and again: in Luke 5:24, Jesus says to a paralytic, “‘I say to you, arise, take up your bed,and go to your house’”and the man does. What the miracles of Christ tell us is that the kingdom is a battlefield, one in which we must take the field and force our adversary—our obstacles—to meet us head-on, at times. Other times, of course, it’s best to simply avoid the obstacle. But when you do confront it, instead of “taking the bull by the horns”—his strongest point—you’re taking the bull by the nose-ring, which is of course his weakest point.

Over and over again, Jesus performed great deeds for those of faith, and each deed demonstrated this idea of being in the position of advantage. “Then [Jesus] called His twelve disciples together and gave them power and authority over all demons, and to cure diseases” (Luke 9:1). Power and authority from God, making these men prophets, deployed to do warfare for the kingdom.

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Being Foolish

1Some of us get tricked in business contracts and agreements and feel foolish about it. We vow never to be fooled again, but sometimes we still fall into the trickery of our adversaries. How do we surpass this? By being smarter with our decisions and being smarter than our enemies.

Foolish minds do not arouse suspicion. If all warfare is based on deception, this strategy makes a great deal of sense. In Matthew 10:16, Jesus says, “‘Behold, I send you out as sheep in the midst of wolves. Therefore be wise as serpents and harmless as doves.’” And in 1 Samuel 21:13, David feigns insanity before Achish, king of Gath, to preserve his life. Clearly this is a stratagem with which the prophetic warrior must be acquainted.

Putting up your own business is no joke. You spend a lot of money and time in making sure that it becomes a success in the future. But there will always be those who wish to stop you from becoming successful. This is why Bishop Jordan wrote the “Spiritual Art of War”. He wishes to help those who are always being stepped on and have always lost their battles.

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The Values of Prophecy

Preaching from the Bible is not just lecturing and standing in front of the class. It needs a preacher that knows what he is talking about, has full faith in the Lord and is filled with the Holy Spirit. Zechariah 4:6 Then he answered and spake unto me, saying, this is the word of the LORD unto Zerubbabel, saying, Not by might, nor by power, but by my spirit, saith the LORD of hosts. Bible prophecy should connect the truth to action. The actions that come with the preaching should be evident and obvious because truth is connected to faith and life. Preaching should be sincere. Prophetic direction should be applied with faith and action by heart. The preacher is  not someone who neither entertains nor performs in front of people. They are preaching for the Word of God and the changes will happen to the person through the walk of Christ into his preaching. 1 Corinthians 2:4-5 4 And my speech and my preaching was not with enticing words of man’s wisdom, but in demonstration of the Spirit and of power: 5 That your faith should not stand in the wisdom of men, but in the power of God.

Preaching is straight forward, influential and commanding. The preacher should always be firm on his teachings and should always insist the truth. 2 Timothy 4:1-2 I charge thee therefore before God, and the Lord Jesus Christ, who shall judge the quick and the dead at his appearing and his kingdom; 2 Preach the word; be instant in season, out of season; reprove, rebuke, exhort with all long suffering and doctrine. There will be people who turn their backs on the truth and will be bored with the Gospel of God and they will spread false words and take pleasure. Those who have faith should be taking care of their faith and continue to preach the Word of God.

Trust in Lord with all your Heart

How do we exactly know whether it is God, the devil or just circumstances that is behind the things that happen? Sometimes when there are trouble hits you hard, it is really hard to know whether it is divine or devilish. People sometimes do not understand some of the things that we are going through. There are so many things that we do not have any knowledge upon. We often times do not have all the answers to why things are happening. We must continue to walk by our faith. We can pause and listen to the Word of God instead of looking for explanations.

Ephesians 1:10-15

To an administration of the fullness of the times, to sum up all things in Christ, the things in the heavens, and the things on the earth, in him; 11 in whom also we were assigned an inheritance, having been foreordained according to the purpose of him who works all things after the counsel of his will; 12 to the end that we should be to the praise of his glory, we who had before hoped in Christ: 13 in whom you also, having heard the word of the truth, the Good News of your salvation,—in whom, having also believed, you were sealed with the Holy Spirit of promise, 14 who is a pledge of our inheritance, to the redemption of God’s own possession, to the praise of his glory. For this cause I also, having heard of the faith in the Lord Jesus which is among you, and the love which you have toward all the saints,

We should always trust the Lord with all our hearts and give ourselves more time to strengthen our faith in Him. If we might need further Biblical insight, Bishop Jordan can definitely bring us closer to the Lord.

The church in God’s plan of salvation

We often hear many so called Christian preachers saying that god’s plan of salvation is very simple indeed. He gave his son, Jesus Christ, to save those who believe in him, who in turn lived a sinless life and died on the cross to redeem the sinners from the eternal punishment. Their view, faith alone in Christ can save us, work, good deeds, religious affiliation and church membership are not necessary for our salvation. In order to show that their concept of salvation is scriptural, they cite passage from the bible that first glance seemingly support their view. Salvation is indeed a gift from God. Truly, Christ is the only one appointed by him to save us from eternal punishment. And yes, belief in Christ is all important and necessary. But just because all these statements are true doesn’t mean that the conclusion that faith alone in Christ is sufficient for us to attain salvation is also true.

There are other things that the bible teaches on this issue that should also be considered without diminishing the all important function of Christ as the only Savior appointed by God and without contradicting the truth that the salvation id God’s gift and that all of us who want to be saved should believe in Christ. For instance, the bible does not teach that works are not necessary for the attainment of the salvation. Therefore, the church of Christ is indeed an essential part of God’s master plan of salvation. Therefore, anybody can attain salvation as long as we make sure that we are in the church that Christ will save. Simply accepting Christ as one’s Lord and personal Savior will not guarantee us entry into the kingdom of heaven as god’s plan for all of us who believes that he will truly saved us.

Finding Weakness

1In war, it is quite common for soldiers and strategists to find their opponent’s weakness. This is of course very smart because then you will know how to beat them faster and hit them where they do not expect to be hit.

In life, it is the same concept. When you have enemies who wish you pull you down and stop you from being successful in life, you will have to get rid of them. They will not just voluntarily go, because their goal is to stop you from winning.

An essential component to this strategy of exposing a weakness, an apparent vulnerability, is having a secret strength! If your adversary attacks you in a position of actual vulnerability, you’ll want to close ranks and block him fast! You must always have your eye on the endgame: you’re using the exposed vulnerability to misdirect your adversary. You must be ready for him to either call your bluff or avoid what he believes to be a trap. Either way, you can still win.

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Losses in Your Business?

1In business, there will always be losses and gains. What matters the most is how you are able to minimize your losses and preserve your business the best way you can.

Sacrifice a small loss to prevent a large loss. “The basis: Preserving your resources safeguards your capacity to operate. If you’ve ever read any histories of warfare, you’re probably familiar with the concept of attrition: in a war of attrition, the whole game is to see who can outlast whom. Some of the most devastating wars in history have involved warfare by attrition. In the Civil War, the Union generals Ulysses S. Grant and William T. Sherman defeated the Confederacy through protracted, bloody, all-out total war, including sieges, destruction of infrastructure, and winning battles by weight of numbers.

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Use Your Free Will to Decide To Be Happy

Where is the sunshine of your life? Is it in your head, in your heart, or in your surrounding or circumstances? To be delighted is another pick we all can and have to make. In spite of the tryouts or investigates you and I can still pick to be delighted in spite of the want of materialism. Life is full of choices, and we should divulge to reside with the resolutions we make.

The resolution of those resolutions will work out if we find happiness. Bishop
Bernard Jordan agrees that life’s excursion will pass on you several ups and
downs, ins and out, turn a rounds, setbacks, as well as setups. When things may not be going the way you and I foretold, God is masterful to turn our mourning into promenading, and turn our discontent into gladness (Psalms 30:11). What makes you happy? Is it money? Is it being a good thing to other ones while they’re in need? Is it being engrossed in community service?

Through all life’s tryouts we have to divulge to be content and reside in and overhead life’s attenuating elements (Philippians 4:10-19). Being delighted is not grounded on our outward attenuating elements, but it is grounded on what’s inside our spirit. True contentment is acceptance and commendation of what we truly have (Philippians 4:11). The key to joyfulness is to alleviate your heart of ire, envy, or an unforgiving essence in the main purpose of yourself and others. When we are delighted we will find enjoyment, composed, and have authentic love for us and for others. The curved part globes that life can hurl at us are untainted misses. We can advance overhead the present dilemma appreciating that no implement for conflicting formed divergent to you will prosper ( Isaiah 54: 17). Happiness is another pick, hence, pick to be happy.

We give support a God who is affluent and has several resources. We give
support a God whose clemency is everlasting (Psalms 136). We give support a God who is reliable and pardoning (I John 1: 9). He does not recall our sins or achievements of iniquities.” In the publication of Hebrews 10:17, the writer states “our sins he evokes no more.” In other expressions when we progress over and after supervising things that’s not gratifying to Him, He’s merciful and just. It’s not that He overlooks our transgressions, but He does not right away give us what we warrant when we sin divergent to Him.

Bishop Bernard Jordan shares this scriptures train in (Psalms 103: 12) “as far as the east is from the west so far has He taken our transgressions from us. God is affluent in love (John 3:16). He dispatched His only exclusive young offspring to go beyond away for our sins, and if we accept as factual in Jesus and accept him as Lord and Savior for our dwells, we’re guaranteed external life in paradise.

When we placement our trust in God he will and can consign us. This makes him affluent in protection (Psalms 31). God is affluent in guidance and direction. With the Lord’s premier, you and I cannot ever be conducted astray because He’s flawless at giving principle headings (Psalms 25: 1-6). He’s additionally affluent in power and is masterful to enhance your power (Isaiah 40: 31). As we are bolster by the Lord, we can stand and be strong in the power of His might and can supervise all things through Christ who bolsters us( Philippians 4: 13). Knowing that God is on our for instance, is more than enough source to pick to be happy! Make your resolution be today. Bishop Bernard Jordan states, Be Happy!

Feeling Beaten Up?

1In life it is inevitable for you to encounter enemies or adversaries, especially when you’re working your way up in life, trying to attain success in your career or business. These people are only in your life to challenge you and keep you moving forward, nothing else. If you let them in your skin and start letting them affect you and your goals, you have lost your battles.

Bishop Jordan created a book called “ The Spiritual Art of War” to help those who are being defeated by their adversaries, those who are being stepped on in their careers and those who are feeling beaten up.

One of the strategies that he discusses in the book is to “Involve the ego, will, and personality of your opponent’s leadership, and you have a chance of hitting him where he is vulnerable.” When the conflict becomes personal, it’s no longer ‘business as usual.’ Engage your opponent personally, while remaining clear-headed yourself, and you put him at a disadvantage.

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Knowing the Difference of Spirituality and Faith

Understanding belief is perplexing by the distinction between belief and Spirituality. Faith is the promise of things wanted for, the conviction of things not seen.

Religion has to manage with rituals, directions, and doctrines. The distinction in them is because persons add their concepts to the gospel of Christ. This is garbled religion. Jesus took a dim outlook of man-made rules. The only directions required which Bishop Bernard Jordan agrees are in the New Testament.

Pure and undefined belief before God the Father is this: to look after orphans and widows in their misfortune and to hold oneself unstained by the world (James 1:27). God will not put up with sin. A study should be made of the works of the body material in Galatians’ 5:19. Be certain not to consign any of them. If you manage, repent and inquire God for forgiveness.

The distinction between belief and spirituality is in the belief and understanding. To be devout is to accept that God lives but with little comprehending of how to assist him. Spirituality recounts being assured of salvation because you are directed by the Spirit.

Those who follow the gospel by confessing the title of Jesus, repenting of their sins and being baptized, obtain the gift of the Holy Spirit. He inhabits in believers and devotes them comprehending of the Bible when they study it. They are divinely motivated by him to pursue the educating of the Bible to become like Jesus.

Bishop Bernard Jordan wants you to know that God is a Spirit and his phrases and modes should be understood spiritually and not physically. The Jews of both the Old and New Testaments took his phrases bodily and were absolutely confused. Even the Apostles were bewildered until Jesus dispatched the Holy Spirit.

People today often put too much focus on circumstances. Spiritual well being does not count on personal conditions. Those who are religious reside as asserted by the Spirit and not as asserted by the note of God’s rules. The note of the regulation calls for religious death to sinners, but the Spirit devotes clemency and grace. We advance by belief and not sight to be devout, to accept as factual in God, is absolutely crucial for salvation, but you have to assist him on his terms. The only way to discover what his periods are is to study the Bible which Bishop Bernard Jordan strongly agrees. It is actually a love note from God interpreting how to act so that we can reside with him in paradise when we die.

There are numerous distinct devout convictions assisting distinct prophets, but only Jesus Christ is the way the reality and the life. There is salvation in no one else. There is no other title under paradise granted amidst persons, by which we should be kept (Acts 4:12).