Is It Possible?

How can the believer achieve victory and success in life? Do you yearn for more in your career, home, and family life? Do you want to experience the abundance God has in store for you? Are you discontent with how your life is at this very moment? Can you really attain the success that you want in life?

The good news is that you can, but you’re going to have to work for it. We know from Scripture that “‘…from the days of John the Baptist until now the kingdom of heaven suffers violence, and the violent take it by force’” (New King James Version, Matthew 11:12). As believers, we must learn the spiritual art of war and equip ourselves with the tools God has given us. God only wants the best from us and nothing else. But He won’t just give it to you on a silver platter. He wants to know how much you want it.

The Spiritual Art of War will give you the guidance and strategies that you’ll need I order for you to finally achieve everything you want to achieve. From getting that business started, getting a promotion at work or having a financially free life, you have the ability to achieve it. Learn God’s strategies in this book and start turning your life around!

Winning Your Battles

Life is full of struggles and challenges. It wouldn’t be life without these exciting situations. That’s exactly what they are, exciting. Because these help you grow as a person and strengthens you in your endeavors. The Spiritual Art of War will help you in the different areas of your life, whether it’s finding the confidence to face your enemies, taking risks in making business decisions or just winning in life.

The Spiritual Art of War helps you realize that you can win your personal battles with God by your side. Maybe you’ve forgotten that God is a God of war. He has helped his people win their battles against nations. What more for your personal battles? God wants you to be victorious in what you do.

What adversaries are you facing? What conflicts keep you awake at night? The art of war can give you the skills to overcome them, but it is a rigorous discipline. Practice it continually, and never let down your guard. Discipline your ego, bring it under your will. Don’t be proud, and don’t be temperamental. Read the Spiritual Art of War and start winning your battles!

Strategizing Victory

We all want to achieve many things in life. Whether it’s a promotion at work or a business success, we all have goals that we would want to attain one of these days. But as we work our way into trying to achieve these goals, we face obstacles and struggles along the way. Sometimes we even have adversaries who try to pull us down and prevent us from getting to the top.

This is why Bishop E. Bernard Jordan created the Spiritual Art of War. This book, together with God’s scriptures, will help you in achieving those goals. It will guide you in dealing with difficult people and in strategizing on how to be victorious, not just in your career but in your life.

Master the prophetic art of war, and you can achieve great things in the kingdom of God: enjoy the fullness and abundance God has purposed for you! We’ll be learning and examining fifty-four master principles that define the prophetic art of war. Learn them, study them, and you will know how to succeed.

Obeying the Commander

In battle, soldiers become disciplined to follow orders form their commanders. This is because they know that their commander is more knowledgeable in terms of strategies and how to attack the enemy. If they as so little disobey their commander, the plan fails and they lose the battle.

When we discipline ourselves in the art of war, we partake of the blessings of the kingdom. As we’ve seen in this book, God will bless us greatly through our circumstances. He will give us many, many opportunities for success, but we must trust in Him as Master Strategist and General. Only then can we enjoy the phenomenal success He wants for us.

Do you want success? Trust God to be the authority of your life and start winning your battles. Read Bishop E. Bernard Jordan’s Spiritual Art of War and learn the strategies to success.

Victory in God’s Hands

Achieving victory is something that god wants to be part of in your life. He wants for you to attain it, but only if you fully put your trust in Him that He will deliver you that victory. As faulty humans, we tend to take matters into our own hands and be victorious on our own.

Throughout Scripture, the only time God’s people are burdened by victory is when they fail in their obligations to God. Whenever Israel “played the harlot” with the gods of the conquered peoples (by adopting the tactics and strategy of their defeated enemies, never a good idea), God delivers them into the hands of their enemies. I’ve always viewed this as God allowing things to run their natural course: when His people don’t honor Him, He allows them to go their own way and reap the consequences. He only actively stirs things up for them when they came back to Him.

Allow God to help you become victorious and let Him teach you through scripture on the strategies of winning your battles. Read the Spiritual Art of war and learn how you can be victorious through God’s hands.


Ready to Play?

The game of life can be very tricky. We have people with different personalities with different motives and goals in their lives. Sometimes we have the same goals as them and this leads us to competing or battling out in order to achieve that same goal. This is the battle of life. There will always be competition and there will always be someone in your way.

Your greatest need is to realize that our God, the God of war, is on your side. And He wants to teach you the art of war so that you will be unstoppable, able to weather every storm in this life and emerge the better for it, able to use what He has given you to prosper and succeed. All He wants in return is a token of your commitment to Him.

Are you ready to commit to the God of war? Having Him by your side means having sure victory in your life. Are you ready to win? Read Bishop E. Bernard Jordan’s book, “Spiritual Art of War” and discover how the Bible can be you ultimate guide to winning life’s battles. Start your road to prosperity today.

The Master Strategist

God is a God of war. He wins battles for his children and desires victory for those who love Him. Based on Scripture, God has been an incredible strategist, winning battles left and right.

From Genesis to Revelation, God reveals to His people His master kingdom strategy for the prophetic art of war. Time and again, the people God chooses to lead the Children of Israel are prophets: in 1 Samuel, for example, David is in a bind. He’s on the run from Saul, in a stronghold in the land of Moab. As verse 5 says, “Now the prophet Gad said to David, ‘Do not stay in the stronghold; depart, and go to the land of Judah’” (v. 22:5a).

God used Moses and Joshua as prophets, to lead the Children of Israel in many successful battles. Prophets are the master strategists of the kingdom of God. Let God use you today in fulfilling His purpose and will for your life. He wants you to be victorious in everything that you do. Read the Spiritual Art of War and learn how to be a master strategist in life!