Winning the Battle inside the Mind

The art of war in the spiritual realm is a challenging task for every believer of Christ must understand. It takes more that courage and willpower to fight the spiritual enemy. It is not about the battle of physical power or is it just an emotional warfare that happens randomly.
This spiritual warfare has been going on since the history of mankind ever began. It first occurred with the devil’s lies that were used to persuade Eve to disobey God. Truth is the war is between good, and evil and the enemy wants to win more people on his side.
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Uncover the Curse through the Art of War

Have you often wondered why it is so difficult to make a breakthrough in your life? Do you always feel like you are always engaged in the art of war? It has always been defined by struggles and failures in almost areas of life; like relationships, finances, career and many others. This is not how God meant life should be, because, in His Word, He promised, “The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I came that they may have life, and have it abundantly.” John 10:10
It is God’s plan to give His children a life of abundance. How then is it possible that some are living in defeat and suffering? It could be because of the different curses in your life that have been putting you in chains, which need to be uncovered and released, so that God’s blessings of abundance may prevail. There are two types of curse in a person’s life; they are either passed on to their generation from their ancestors through their parents. It could also be a result of the consequences of the wrong choices a person makes. Continue reading